Cool Kid helps younger kids in his community

LOS ANGELES "They don't have to fall on that stumbling block I [did] a couple of years ago. I could share my experiences and give them advice. And I like to see people do well and do good in life," said Aftalion.

Aftalion makes sure that they are learning important things both in and out of the classroom.

"Before I didn't do so well on my essays, now with his help, I am doing a lot better," said student Collin Yashar.

"He kind of helps me with moral stuff, kind of like lessons in life, and sometimes we can hang out and play some sports," said Gabriel Yashar.

Through his Cure Children Organization, Aftalion sees a chance to expand on his mission to make life better for the next generation.

"Now we're trying to get a bigger community and helping more children at once, and getting more people involved, not just the 25 people involved in the mentoring program," said Aftalion.

The 16-year-old is a very busy student athlete at Milken Community High School, but he takes the time to help for a very simple reason.

"It's just doing good deeds and you should always give back to your community. You know, just giving that extra hand to a child makes a big difference," said Aftalion.

Aftalion sees the importance of young minds and does so much to help them grow. That makes him our /*Cool Kid*/.

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