Wesley Snipes asks for new trial in tax case

OCALA, Fla. The "Blade" actor faces a three-year prison sentence for his conviction on three tax-related charges and has been free on bond while appealing the conviction.

Snipes was acquitted for several other counts.

A defense attorney said the "Blade" actor deserved a new trial because two jurors sent him emails saying that three other jurors had already made up their minds about Snipes' guilt before the 2008 trial even began.

The judge did not say when he was going to make his decision. The judge was concerned about whether interviewing the jurors two years after the trial would violate juror rules. He also questioned whether the new trial should include the charges that Snipes was acquitted for.

The defense attorney also argued for a new trial because an important witness during the 2008 trial, Kenneth Starr, has since pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

Starr, a financial adviser to celebrities, admitted to cheating wealthy and elderly clients out of tens of millions of dollars.

Prosecutors said investigators didn't know about Starr's misconduct during Snipe's trial.

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