At 12, Elle Fanning making a name for herself

LOS ANGELES And like her sister, she's not your typical child star.

Fanning has the lead female role in "Somewhere," the new film from director Sophia Coppola.

The movie is about an actor, played by Stephen Dorff, who's single, does some hard living and resides at the Chateau Marmont.

Fanning plays his daughter and she's suddenly his responsibility.

The film is a drama, and Fanning's had plenty of experience for it.

"Right now, I'm sort of really busy with a lot of stuff," she said. "It's exciting, though, because I feel like you have a little point where you're not really doing much and then it all sort of blows up and you're doing all this stuff."

Fanning not only goes on ice skates, but has a whole routine.

"I had to train for three months to do it and I went every morning before school and after school because if you stop, you sort of lose the whole ice skating thing," she said. "You have to really keep it up."

Fanning enjoys being an actress, but she's the first say it's only a part of who she is.

"The movies are just sort of something that I do," Fanning said. "Just like ballet lessons, or whatever. It's just an extra thing."

"Somewhere" is in theatres now. It's rated R.

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