Women happy w/ Curves adding Zumba to workout


Women gained a whole lot of happy while losing weight and inhibitions.

"Doing Zumba, I have lost inches now also, and I'm toning up my muscles, so it's fun," said Jo-Anne Corpus of Belmont Park.

Corpus doesn't look like she had weight issues, but she was once 45 pounds heavier.

"I knew what I was once before. When I first got married I was 96 pounds, and then I was like 165 after having four kids. I told myself, 'No I need to lose the weight.' And I did," said Corpus.

Thirty minutes strength training and Zumba combo also helped Dixie Gleason recover from chronic fatigue and fiberomyalgia.

"Before I started Zumba, my hips were fossilized. I couldn't move them. Now I can move them," said Gleason of Covina. "I had 38 surgeries on this body, and the fact that I can get up and move and do the dances is just wonderful."

The workout is fun, fast and efficient but most of the Curve members that have been here a long time say they come for the camaraderie.

"Women love it because they get to come with their friends. They get to do a total body workout, they visit, they hang out, and it makes them happy," said Curves Covina owner Tricia Dellens.

"I think they wanted to bring a little bit more life to Curves. And the women they love it. They're able to shake and do things that they normally don't do," said Zumba instructor Gina Chirino.

Like 73-year-old Barbara Fortson, a Curves customer for seven years who comes six days a week.

"I've been here about 1,580 times," said Fortson. "I think I do it more not so much to lose weight, but because of the way I feel."

Beyond mood, health stats prove positive when putting in the time.

"I have a cholesterol problem, and since my last cholesterol reading, my good cholesterol has gone up. My doctor is happy," said Nancy Gebbie of West Covina.

Curves is about $44 a month with classes all day long and 12 Zumba workouts a week. But beware: Those looking for trendy fashion or a meat market atmosphere won't find it here.

"Nobody's a model in this. You don't have to feel odd like when you're in a dance class and everyone looks wonderful and are flexible. You just do what you can," said Gleason.

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