Acton labyrinth 'Phonehenge West' owner headed to court

ACTON, Calif.

The owner of the maze of buildings named "Phonehenge West" wants to turn it into a museum. But some neighbors call it an eyesore and county officials say it violates building regulations.

Allen Fahey has spent three decades building the network of towers, and now the county wants him to tear it down. The county says nothing but the original house or garage is technically legal or safe.

Fahey says inspectors stopped coming for over two decades. The district attorney's office declined to comment.

"The county lost my plans and then my engineer had a heart attack and died," said Fahey. "I think in '98, I went and I resubmitted a plot plan and I paid for a permit for the barn. They were supposed to meet me and they never came out here."

Phonehenge West looks like Santa's village. Allen, who used to work as a phone technician, has made the entire property from recycled wood and equipment he's collected from his jobs over the years.

"I never left there with an empty truck, let me tell you," said Fahey. "I got stuff from Warner Bros., from Paramount, MGM."

Things like a chicken hen roof made out of a satellite dish, and colorful bridges separating towers filled with collectibles and models are irresistible to children and attract tourists from all over.

"The steel stairs, Danny DeVito gave them to me," said Fahey.

The property sits on 1.7 acres, and yet Allen and his wife sleep on a single-size waterbed and cook on a compact stove. There are no cupboards, and shelves are filled with handmade models and neatly stacked books, including ledgers where Faye has detailed every step of his construction.

If convicted, Faye faces 14 criminal misdemeanor charges and could face up to seven years in prison.

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