'Chillerama' shocks fans at Hollywood Forever Cemetery


"Chillerama" took over the Hollywood Forever Cemetery with its red carpet just outside a mausoleum on the grounds.

You can call this one an evening of thrills, chills and kills.

"I show up and people die," said Horror film icon Kane Hodder. "So both of these guys die to my hands- twice each."

Hodder is deadly once again in "Chillerama." The film is actually an anthology of shorts.

"The studios have the horror fans wrong," said co-director Adam Green. "They think that we're vicious people that want to just see people die. And no- we want to laugh and have a good time because that's what it used to be."

"My portion of 'Chillerama' is 'I was a teenage were-bear' and you're going to have to see the movie to find out what a 'were-bear' is," said co-director Tim Sullivan.

Hundreds of horror film fans gathered to watch 'Chillerama' on the cemetery grounds. One of the film's directors calls the film one of the most disgusting movies of all time- but with heart.

"'Chillerama' is a comedy for horror fans," said co-director Joe Lynch. "That's the best way to describe it. It's a loving homage to a century of B-movies that we all grew up with. I miss the drive-in."

"And drive-in movies, which they just don't make them anymore, drive-in movies were about getting together and having a good time with your friends and watching a crazy movie," said co-director Adam Rifkin. "And this movie is insane."

"Chillerama" is going to tour the country. But if you want to see it here in Los Angeles again, just let them know.

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