Lose 10 pounds in 10 days, new exercise program says


Fitness pro Jackie Warner's new program's sassy selling point is "10 Pounds in 10 Days."

"The way I combine exercises is key. We go to muscle failure. I call the three Fs of training, that's: Doing the right function with perfect form to complete muscle failure or fatigue," said Warner. "Everything in my book is so do-able. I don't create fancy workouts for people."

Warner thinks of her Midwestern mom when selecting the moves and meals. No fancy extras. But make no mistake, you'll need to be ready for a stepped up program for fat to fly fast.

Along with weight work, there's cardio acceleration - short, intense burst of cardio between multi-joint strength training to keep the body guessing.

"If you don't have a jump rope, you can run in place, you can do jumping jacks. All of this is little cardio bursts but a minute to two minutes," said Warner.

The first 10 days, lose 10 pounds, then 10 more days of increased calories and movement, and then 10 more to get your body in solid shape. Then there's maintenance to ensure the new you is permanent, but that in no way means the same old stuff.

"My body stops responding once a month just like everyone else. It takes about 30 days for the body to stop responding and you have to pretty drastically change your workout routine," said Warner.

Along with fitness, there's a three-phase diet program that might just be harder than her hard-core workout. The first 10 days: 950 calories a day; second phase: 1,200 calories; and the third phase: 1,500 calories. And while the diet is sound, she does suggest buying the bars and supplements to stay on track.

"I'm not going to say you have to buy my products. I say that it's going to be great for weight loss if you do buy my products," said Warner.

Many nutritionists won't go lower than 1,400 calories as severe caloric restriction lowers metabolism. But Warner does suggest nutrient dense super foods in five mini meals daily to help keep the body revved.

Warner's book is available on Amazon for about $16.

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