Simi Valley passes condom requirement for porn shoots


The ordinance requires adult-film producers to ensure male performers wear condoms as a condition of obtaining a filming permit from the city.

Simi Valley Mayor Bob Huber requested the ordinance after the city of Los Angeles passed a similar ordinance requiring condom use in adult-film productions. The ordinances were passed in an effort to protect performers from contracting HIV.

Huber and others were worried porn producers would move north from the San Fernando Valley to neighboring Simi Valley as a result of the condom requirement.

"The primary purpose here is it's a health and safety issue. And secondarily, we don't want them here," Huber said earlier. "This is a family-oriented community, and we don't want them setting up their studios in Simi Valley."

Adult-film producers opposed the ordinances. They say their audiences are turned off by the presence of condoms in the films, and that regular 30-day HIV testing was sufficient to keep performers safe.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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