'Revenge' actors Nick Wechsler, Gabriel Mann almost quit acting


"We'd each had very lean times that made us reconsider our pursuits, so for this to come along and done what it did and go as far as it did is crazy," Wechsler said.

The show's creator was a huge fan of the nighttime soaps "Falcon Crest" and "Knots Landing," and that is not lost on the cast.

"I think taking that idea and expanding on it, riffing on it, being aware, not tongue-in-cheek but having fun with the nighttime drama concept, has been half the joy of doing the show," Mann said.

"Revenge" has its cliff hangers, but you're not left hanging too long.

"That's the great part about this show, you always find out sooner, because we've got so much story to tell, we're not trying to drag too much out for too long," Mann said.

Mann said he was planning to go into organic farming and head to culinary school if the show didn't make it.

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