Convertible Lamborghini Gallardo is super flashy, super expensive


If you want to enjoy the nice weather and really show off, there's nothing quite like a Lamborghini convertible.

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550 Spyder is new for 2012. Spyder is one of those cool Italian words that essentially means convertible. The 550 designation is for the horsepower number from the 10-cylinder engine right behind the driver.

Its power gets to the ground and gets the driver on their way in short order. There's a reason they call it a supercar: super performance and super wild looks. Gas mileage? Don't even ask. It's super not-very-good.

Oh, and the price is something only the super-rich won't bat an eye about. It starts at $211,000, plus options. With the average new car today costing around $30,000, that's super expensive.

Lamborghini's been building supercars for decades, but for most of that time they didn't do open-top cars. Fairly recently, they decided that if consumers were going to spend that kind of money on the brand's exotic cars, they should be able to let the sun shine in.

Legroom is tight if you're tall, so is headroom when the top is up. Yet, every luxury goody is here, and it's fairly comfortable, so driving this car isn't just for the strong of back or backside. You'll be pampered while you party in this exotic.

"That's one of the things that we're really emphasizing about the new Gallardos. It's become so comfortable, so efficient, so easy to use, you do want to use it as your everyday driver, whereas before it was something you only took out once in awhile," said Kelly Snyder, a Lamborghini spokesman.

Of course, the more you use it, the more often you'll have to have it serviced over at the Lamborghini dealer. No Jiffy Lube for this Italian stallion.

But when it comes to soaking up rays while you drive and soaking up attention from fellow motorists, a drop-top Lamborghini is truly hard to beat.

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