Canadian gay porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta arrested in murder


Luka Rocco Magnotta was arrested at an Internet cafe, according to officials in Berlin. Authorites said Magnotta had been looking at news coverage about himself for about an hour when an employee realized who he was and flagged down police.

Authorities said they believe Magnotta killed 33-year-old Jun Lin, a Chinese student who was studying computer and engineering science in Montreal. The two were former lovers.

Lin's murder was discovered last week when a package containing a severed foot was opened at the ruling Conservative party headquarters and a hand was discovered at a postal facility. A torso was also found in a suitcase on a garbage dump near the suspect's Montreal apartment.

"This is far from being over," said Montreal Police Cmdr. Ian LaFreniere. "The investigation has brought us to the suspect, now we've got all kinds of other questions besides that." Authorities said they also believe Magnotta filmed the murder. A video he allegedly posted online shows a man stabbing another man, dismembering the corpse and performing sexual acts with it before eating some of the body parts.

It may not have been an isolated incident. Six months ago, The Sun newspaper in London launched an investigation into who brutally tortured and killed a cat and posted a video online. Magnotta sent an email to the newspaper threatening to kill more than animals the next time.

British police did not follow up then, saying it wasn't in their jurisdiction.

Magnotta will be taken back to Canada to face charges.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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