Fontana hazing case teacher pleads not guilty


Emmanuel de la Rosa, 27, faces charges that include child abuse and failure to report child abuse. Authorities say he allegedly directed and stood by as four students in his classroom brutally hazed two classmates.

De la Rosa was arrested along with four students last month on allegations of a brutal hazing in his masonry class at A.B. Miller High School.

Despite the scandal, de la Rosa has had continued support from students, parents and family. His supporters gathered outside the Fontana courthouse, some holding signs claiming his innocence. They say investigators did not thoroughly look into the accusations and ignored potential witnesses.

"The Fontana Police Department didn't even question all the students in the classroom. We have a list and papers of half of the classroom not even questioned," said Clarissa Tosado, de la Rosa's sister-in-law.

Inside the courthouse, de la Rosa received hugs and encouragement from more than a dozen people who came to his arraignment.

While he didn't discuss the case against him, he did acknowledge his legion of supporters.

"The support that I have here, I feel blessed," said de la Rosa. "God is great and I feel blessed."

De la Rosa will remain a free man despite an increase in bail, which the judge set at $200,000. However, his co-defendant and student 18-year-old Fernando Salgado will remain behind bars on similar charges.

"We feel like he is taking the fall for everything, because unfortunately he doesn't have the funds to get out. But at the same time I just feel like for him to be in there right now period is just wrong," said Tosado.

De la Rosa and Salgado are expected to be back in court on July 16 for their pre-preliminary hearing.

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