Aurora movie shooting victims' names released


The 12 victims positively identified include:

- Navy Sailor John Larimer, 27, from the Chicago area. His brother-in-law also confirmed his death to ABC News on Saturday.

- Alex Teves, 24, from Arizona. A family member also confirmed his death to ABC News. They said Teves had just finished graduate school in June and was planning on becoming a physical therapist.

- Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29, an Air Force Reservist from Thornton, Colo. The Department of Defense also confirmed his death to ABC News on Saturday. In a statement, the DOD said Childress was a cyber systems operator on active duty with the 310th Forces Support Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado. He grew up in Lake Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley.

- Alex Sullivan, who was reportedly celebrating his 27th birthday at the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises."

- Sports blogger Jessica Ghawi, 24. The aspiring reporter recently wrote of surviving a shooting in a Toronto mall last month.

- Micayla Medek, 23. Her father's cousin, Anita Busch, also confirmed Medek's death to the Associated Press Friday evening.

- Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6. She is the youngest to die in the shooting. Moser's aunt told the AP that the girl's mother, Ashley Moser, 25, is in critical condition with a bullet in the throat and abdomen. ABC News confirmed Sunday that Ashley Moser was pregnant when she was shot. It was not known whether the shooting affected her pregnancy.

- Gordon Cowden, 51, was the oldest victim. He had gone to the midnight movie premiere with his two teenagers.

- Alexander J. Boik, 18. The teen had recently graduated from high school and was to start classes at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in the fall, The Denver Post reported.

- Jonathan T. Blunk, 26. He served three tours in the Persian Gulf and North Arabian Sea between 2004 and 2009, a friend said. Blunk planned to re-enlist in the Navy with the goal of becoming a Navy SEAL.

- Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32, was a customer relations representative at a mobile medical imaging company.

- Matt McQuinn, 27, dove in front of his girlfriend and her older brother to shield them from the gunfire. McQuinn moved to Colorado from Ohio last fall.

Police say a gunman barged into a packed auditorium at the Century 16 Movie Theaters at the Aurora Town Center on Friday, set off gas canisters and began shooting into the crowd - picking off people who tried to flee. In addition to the 12 killed, 58 more were injured, with 30 remaining hospitalized and 7 in critical condition with some injuries that could be permanent.

Aurora police arrested 24-year-old James Holmes, a native of San Diego. Investigators were confident he acted alone and were not looking for any other suspects. There was no immediate word of any motive.

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Those who survived the attack are sharing their chilling accounts. Two of those survivors told their stories from their hospital beds.

"He was standing literally directly above me. I could feel his boot right next to my head. I just had my face down on the ground and I just stayed as still as I possibly could," said Pierce O'Farrill. "I prayed and I prayed. He fired off a couple more rounds and then he left."

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Bullets hit O'Farrill in his leg and shoulder.

Steve Barton is a Connecticut cyclist who was on a cross country bike tour when he stopped in Aurora to see the movie.

"It was cold and calculating definitely. It seemed very methodical, just the rate at which he was firing and how he wasn't really moving positions. It was just like unloading into the crowd," described Barton, a Syracuse University graduate. He was sitting in the middle row when the shooting happened. He was shot in the neck and chest with shotgun pellets.

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