Parasailing offers fun way to see Southern California coastline


Whether to conquer fears or to enjoy the last bit of summer, our boat was packed with people hoping for a sky high adventure.

The ride feels like a comfortable swing, and if you are brave, you can do a bit of acrobatics. Tricks aside, you get a tour of the coast from Marina del Rey all the way to Malibu. There are extraordinary views along the way, such as the Santa Monica Pier.

"I felt like an airplane leaving the airport, and then when I got up there, it was very relaxing," said one young daredevil.

As far as extreme sports go, parasailing is pretty safe. You must wear a life vest and harness; the parasailing rope is changed every few months; and they do not fly in questionable weather.

If you can't squeeze this in before the end of summer, don't worry. You can parasail year-round, and the price starts at $65.

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