Lacey, Jackson face off in race for LA County District Attorney's Office


Lacey, a Democrat, is the deputy district attorney and acts as current District Attorney Steve Cooley's right hand. She voted Tuesday morning in Granada Hills along with her husband, David, and she encouraged people to get out and vote, saying many in history have died fighting for this right.

If Lacey wins, she would not only become the first black person to hold the office, but also the first female D.A. of Los Angeles.

"I have the prosecutorial experience that he has, and then some," Lacey said. "The District Attorney's job is a leadership job, and in addition to a successful trial record, I have an additional 12 years in various, different leadership positions," she said.

Jackson, a Republican, has been a prosecutor for 17 years and has served in the LADA's Hardcore Gang Division. He voted Tuesday with his wife, Lisa, in Pasadena.

"The fact that I am a prosecutor, that I am tethered to the courtroom, that I understand what it is to be a modern prosecutor and to embrace public safety with a modern approach, a new approach, a different approach, something far and away from establishment politics that has marked Los Angeles politics for a long time," said Jackson.

Jackson's main attack on Lacey is that she hasn't been in a courtroom in over 13 years. Jackson said he is feeling confident on this election.

Both Jackson and Lacey beat out City Attorney Carmen Trutanich in the primaries, but neither candidate had more than 50 percent of the vote, which led to Tuesday's run-off election.

The District Attorney's Office is a non-partisan post. Both candidates maintain that if they win, they will run things in a non-partisan manner.

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