MELT Method uses balls, rollers to eliminate chronic pain


Exercise physiologist Sue Hitzmann created MELT Method to help people get out and stay out of pain.

"I'm teaching people, by using softballs and rollers, how to restore their bodies and get their bodies back to balance and eliminate chronic pain," said Hitzmann.

That pain can come from joints, extra weight, stress or even just the aches and strains of everyday life. It often starts in the tissue that surrounds our shoulders, elbows and knees.

"The connective tissue is a three dimensional matrix. It starts at your skin and goes to your bones," said Hitzmann.

Just going through the motions of daily life, our cells actually dry out. And that dehydration happens on all levels of our body -- our skin, joints and muscles. If you don't do anything about it, your body will tell you in the form of achy joints, tense muscles and even problems with sleeping.

Whether dehydration comes from illness, injury, aging, it doesn't matter. The fact is dehydration is occurring in cells, leading to compression, which increases inflammation throughout.

"If you leave it unaddressed, this dehydration accumulates in the body and it creates stuck stress. And as the stress starts to accumulate, it is kind of like getting sediments stuck in the river," said Hitzmann.

The good news is that a quick bout with these balls can help. Squeeze. Rub. Glide. Press. Just 10 minutes a day for two weeks. People who've tried MELT say they feel better.

Antonia Bouyer of Santa Clarita says MELT Method has helped her and her mom, too.

"Her fingers were gnarled together, and literally after doing one hand, her fingers became elongated and she was able to lift her arm. That just speaks volumes," said Bouyer.

Hiltzmann has written a book, and you can also buy a set of the rubber MELT balls for about $40. If you want to try it out first, catch a class taught by a certified MELT instructor.

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