'Dancing With The Stars': Victor Ortiz trades boxing gloves for dancing shoes


Outside the ring, he's anything but.

"I'm a Kansas kid, born and raised, I enjoy my country music, and I'm all about good times, good laughs, although once in a while I do box and fight, I mean no harm," he said.

His dancing partner Lindsay Arnold also learned Ortiz is a nice guy.

"When I found out a boxer I was like, 'Oh crap, I'm gonna be scared for my life every day.' But no, he's really sweet, he only punched me once," she joked.

The hard-working couple has learned part of Ortiz's boxing background translates well to the dance world, and part of it is also a big problem.

"The fact he's strong and powerful helps, the only thing from boxing that is struggling is he likes to be like this, head down," she said.

Storming the dance floor has been a different experience for Ortiz.

"It's just a lot tougher than I was anticipating," he said. "I knew that going into the whole dance thing. It definitely wears on me sometimes but she keeps me on my feet."

Ortiz and Arnold take the floor again Monday night for round two.

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