'Starbuck' film is about sperm donor who fathered over 500 kids


The film is a French-Canadian hit comedy that's now crossed the border into America. Just when a guy learns he's about to become a father, he learns he already is to more than 500 kids. And 142 of them want to meet him.

"People think that this premise of this guy having 533 kids, they think it is just science fiction. It is actually happening out there," said director Ken Scott. "There are several cases of sperm donors that end up with 150, 200, 500 kids."

In the film, the mystery donor known as "Starbuck" begins to secretly learn about the children he fathered, trying to figure out his next step.

"This guy is great because he does a lot of bad things, but his intentions are always nice and genuine," said actor Patrick Huard. "This guy is not a superhero, he is just human. I love it."

Scott said people often forget there are subtitles because of Huard's performance.

"We're so involved in his journey and what he is living that we sort of forget the fact that we are reading," said Scott.

"Starbuck" is in one theater right now. It goes a little wider on Friday. In October, you'll see Vince Vaughn in an American remake of the film, also directed by Scott.

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