Christopher Dorner termination was justified: LAPD internal review


Dorner went on a killing spree in response to what he considered his wrongful termination. He fatally shot the daughter of an LAPD officer-turned-attorney who defended him during his administrative review, in which he was fired. He also shot the daughter's fiancé.

Dorner killed two law enforcement personnel during an intensive manhunt for him. He was eventually tracked down at a cabin near Big Bear Lake. He died in a subsequent shootout with police and sheriff's deputies that resulted in the cabin burning to the ground. It was determined he killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot.

Civil rights attorney Connie Rice reviewed the lengthy examination and says it concludes Dorner's allegations of racism and bias were unfounded.

The LAPD won't comment until the findings' expected public release by the city Police Commission this month.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck ordered the review in February while Dorner was on the run. The former officer had posted an online manifesto vowing warfare against the department, officers and their families, in retaliation for what he called his unfair firing in 2008.

Tuesday afternoon the Los Angeles Police Dept. released a statement:

"The Dorner Review as conducted by Gerald Chaleff, Special Assistant for Constitutional Policing, has not been finalized. Any comments or conclusions about the contents of the review are premature. LAPD will announce the review once finalized."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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