Strip-club vehicle injury crash: 5 years, 4 months in plea deal


Paramount resident Terrence Meeks, 40, pleaded no contest Wednesday in the deal. Meeks is due back in court for sentencing on July 17.

Two men were pinned between two cars in the Sam's Hofbrau parking lot on the 900 block of Olympic Boulevard near Alameda Street early in the morning of March 10.

Investigators said a fight broke out inside the club between one man and two other men. The fight escalated and spilled outside.

Police say Meeks got into his white BMW and slammed into the two men as they were heading for their Mini-Cooper. The men were pinned between the two cars.

One of the victims had to have a leg amputated; the other man lost both his legs below the knees in the crash.

Originally Meeks was arrested for attempted murder. He was charged with one count of DUI causing injury and one count of driving with a .08 blood-alcohol level causing injury. The district attorney's office said there was not enough evidence to charge Meeks with attempted murder.

In court Wednesday, one of the victims talked about how the incident has affected his life.

"On March 10th, I had two legs. On March 11th, I didn't," said Sal Wilson. "And to this day I can't understand why it happened."

Sal Wilson broke down as he told the court how the horrific accident that took both of his legs changed his life.

There were also allegations that Meeks yelled out racial slurs at the two men, both Latino, as he crashed into them. According to the district attorney's office that wasn't the case.

"Based on the videos in my examination of evidence, this was not intentional. The video shows the defendant getting into his car and just being intoxicated and driving into the victims," said prosecutor Nick Swertlow.

Outside the courthouse, Wilson spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News. He said he's OK with the outcome, but moving on has been difficult.

"Emotionally I'm a wreck," said Wilson. "I went home for two weeks and I hit a wall. I couldn't take care of myself. So I'm back at the VA hospital. I've been hospitalized for almost three months now."

Meeks had family in the courtroom Wednesday morning.

Tico Santos, the other victim injured in the incident, intends to be at the July 17 formal sentencing hearing.

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