Moreno Valley 'M' landmark in need of repair


It's something you've probably noticed driving through Moreno Valley - the massive "M" on the side of Box Springs Mountain.

It's a symbol that's been there since the mid-1960s. But over the years, it has started to fade - not something Moreno Valley residents are happy about.

Moreno Valley Parks Commissioner James Baker is trying to draw support to repair the landmark.

"It's not as grandiose as the Hollywood sign, but we're getting there," Baker said.

He is trying to raise money for the project.

"We're not soliciting funds from large corporations or any bank or private donator. We want the money to come from just regular people," he said.

It's easy to see the level of disrepair. There is peeling paint, tall weeds and lots of graffiti. It's going to be hard work.

"It's about a 45-degree angle, so it does have some dangers," warned Baker.

The "M" is close to 150 feet long on all sides, but Baker hopes to get all the repairs done in a day.

"Want to make it a real fast operation, want to get it done, get off the mountain and go home," Baker said.

Are there any plans to add the letter "V" after the "M?" Baker said there are no plans to add another letter.

"If we can get this done, we'll be happy with that," he said.

Baker is hoping to have a bunch of volunteers come up and clean up the "M" on Saturday, Nov. 2. This is a community project done strictly with donations and volunteers.

Donations made to support the expenses will be handled by Visterra Credit Union and can be submitted to both Moreno Valley VCU branches. Any funds left over will be donated to the Moreno Valley Unified School District.

Donations can be sent to:
Visterra Credit Union
Attn: Tanya Price - MVM
PO Box 9500
Morena Valley, CA 92552-9500

Make checks payable to M-LIP Program ("M" Landmark Improvement Project). Donators can also buy gift cards from Lowes and mail to the same PO Box as listed above.

Donations of $20 or more can be acknowledge on a certificate at the end of the project. The donator must provide their name and how much they contributed to the M-LIP Program to Visterra Credit Union.

For more information about this project, you can visit Visterra Credit Union's website at

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