Twerking banned at Aliso Niguel High School


When Cyrus took the stage at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, the naughty moves that have been around for years hit what some would consider their apex and others consider their low point.

At Aliso Niguel High School, twerking now joins other dancing regulations such as no straddling legs, no front to back touching or grinding, and no touching of breasts, buttocks or genitals.

"I guess it's kind of good that they have this rule just in case," said student Nicka Fallah.

Students at the school are mostly split on the twerking crackdown. Some agree that the hip-thrusting moves would be out of place in a school setting.

"There's plenty of music, there's plenty of stuff to do. You don't need to add that additional sexual kind of thing in there," said student Wil Hickson.

Others don't see twerking as controversial.

"It's just a dance like anything else. Michael Jackson did his thing. Elvis did his thing. We should be able to do our thing," said student Kianna Lindley.

But while students may be divided on the dancing crackdown, parents don't seem to be.

"I think it needs to be comfortable for everyone, and I think it makes people uncomfortable. It makes parents uncomfortable. It makes other kids uncomfortable," said parent Maureen Sidaris.

The first true test of the new rules came over the weekend at the school's homecoming dance. The principal here wouldn't comment on the rules and we were unable to reach the school's activity director. But students say the forbidden moves didn't entirely disappear.

"I twerked a little bit, but the music wasn't really twerking music," said student Ariana Shelby. "It was kind of like techno. I think they did it on purpose so we couldn't twerk."

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