Chris Pine talks 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'


Chris Pine takes over author Tom Clancy's iconic character in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit."

This time around, a young Jack begins his work as a covert CIA analyst when he discovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy. The film is filled with action, but Pine says he doesn't see it as a typical action movie.

"I always viewed this film way more from like a plot standpoint, and so I was always more exhausted by thinking about the intricacies of where the plot would go, how it would work out, how we could make it better, it was almost like the action stuff was secondary to me," said Pine. "I know I can deal with that and make that work out, I just wanted to figure out all that other stuff."

Helping him figure it all out was director Kenneth Branagh, who says he was impressed with Pine's work ethic.

"He prepares well, and then he really goes for it," said Branagh. "He's a team player, I like that he's thoughtful, he's very passionate, he says when he doesn't agree with something but he does so with intelligence and respect, great to have him leading a movie."

This isn't the first time Pine has taken over a popular movie character. He has experience with that thanks to Star Trek, and Captain Kirk.

Pine knows that expectations come with a reboot, but he's learned he has no control over that.

"The only thing I can do really is sit down with my script, look at it as hard as I can, think about it as hard as I can, and keep it as simple as that. And if I do that, I feel like I'm in good shape," said Pine.

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters Friday.

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