San Juan Capistrano murders not financially motivated, prosecutor says


Family members had nothing to say outside court. They were there to see Ashton Sachs as he faced a judge for the first time.

The 19-year-old is accused of shooting and killing his parents, Bradford and Andra Sachs, as well as trying to kill his 17-year-old sister and 8-year-old brother, who was left paralyzed from the shooting.

"This is a horrendous crime involving an adult man who decided to murder and kill the people who loved him the most and the people who were supporting him," said prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh.

Prosecutors say Sachs was attending college in the Seattle area and was not living with his parents at the time of the shooting. They say he returned home to San Juan Capistrano last month after buying a gun. His family was asleep when he allegedly walked into their multi-million dollar home and shot them. Sachs' two younger sisters were also home at the time. Prosecutors say Sachs shot at, but missed, his 17-year-old sister.

"The planning took place over a long period of time, and he carried out his plan," said Baytieh.

Authorities say Sachs immediately returned to Seattle after the murders. Investigators searched the area for evidence and interviewed family members. Following up an undisclosed lead last week, they arrested Sachs in San Diego, where the rest of the family lives.

The exact motive is not known, but prosecutors revealed it was not related to any inheritance.

"It's not financially motivated, and that's kind of the extent of what I want to talk about regarding motive at this time," said Baytieh.

Sachs remains in custody without bail. He's expected to be back in court April 4.

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