Woman's remains, clothes found at Orange County wilderness park


A disintegrating jacket embroidered with the name "Coach Williams" may be the key to identifying a woman's remains found in a remote area of Orange County's Casper Wilderness Park off Ortega Highway in January.

"Whether or not that was truly her name, the fact maybe she was involved somewhere, somebody you'd think is missing her, maybe she belonged to some type of organization or a school or something," said Lt. Jeff Hallock with the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

So far, investigators have found no missing persons case matching the name Williams or the woman's description - a petite female at least 30 years old with shoulder-length wavy brown hair with highlights and a distinctive gold bridge on her lower left jaw.

"The fact the remains were severely decomposed, we feel like the body at some point was out there for an excess of six months, because we did only recover bones and some clothing," Hallock said.

A pair of yoga-style pants with stripes down the side and a torn pink speckled T-shirt were found along with that windbreaker with "Coach Williams" on one side and a volleyball or water polo ball on the other. These are the only clues investigators have, as they try to figure out who the woman is and what happened.

"Homicide, suicide, an accident - we don't have enough information to determine that. I think our goal at this point is to determine in fact who she is. Once we determine who she is, then we can work backwards in an attempt to identify how she may have died," Hallock said.

Orange County authorities are trying to put out as much information as they have in hopes someone can help solve this mystery.

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