Why do some people have worse symptoms from coronavirus?

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Why do some people have worse symptoms from coronavirus?
New research is showing a person's genetic makeup may determine how severely they are affected by the coronavirus.

Why do some people get more severe symptoms from coronavirus?

What would you say to parents who are thinking of skipping flu shots for their kids?

Can pool water chemicals be used as a sinus wash to kill the virus?

These were some of the questions addressed by Dr. Anthony Cardillo in his latest Ask the Doctor session with Eyewitness News.

Cardillo is an ER specialist and CEO of Mend Urgent Care in the Los Angeles area.

  • Q: What can you tell us about the latest research looking at why some people get severe symptoms from COVID-19 and some don't?
  • Cardillo says new studies are looking at how a person's genetic makeup may influence how badly they are affected by the virus, if at all. Researchers have already mapped the human genome. And now studies are finding that those who develop more severe symptoms have more mutations in the area of the genome that controls the immune response. So if scientists can determine in advance which people may be more vulnerable to the virus, it may help improve their protection.

  • Q: A new survey shows many parents are thinking of skipping the flu shot this year. What would you tell them?
  • We need a robust vaccination program for influenza and for the coronavirus when a vaccine is developed, Cardillo says. Widespread vaccination is the best way to protect the population and eradicate a virus. Vaccination has proven successful in the past at eliminating certain diseases such as polio, he noted.

  • I'm an avid swimmer and I want to know: Are pool water chemicals a good sinus wash to kill virus invaders?
  • Dr. Cardillo shot down the premise of this question quickly with a definitive: No.

    "I would certainly never advocate using any chemicals that are not intended for human use in that capacity. Just too dangerous, you can burn your sinuses."

    "It would be very, very dangerous to use chlorine bleach as a nasal wash. So 100% please do not do that."