'Barbie' stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling talk about their highly anticipated new movie

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling bring 'Barbie' into the real world
Writer-director-producer Greta Gerwig offers a fresh take on the legendary "Barbie" doll that elevates the story beyond what movie-goers might expect.

The much anticipated summer comedy "Barbie" is expected to be a box office hit.

Writer-director-producer Greta Gerwig offers a take on the legendary doll that elevates the Barbie story beyond what movie-goers might expect.

In the film, it's Barbie's world and all the other dolls just live in it. However, we see what happens when Barbie starts have real life thoughts. It's something Gerwig wanted to explore. Barbie leaves her pink-themed haven and heads out into the real worth with her longtime boyfriend, Ken, in tow.

WATCH: 'Barbie' stars say movie-goers are in for a surprise

The stars of the film "Barbie" think moviegoers will be surprised by the final product. If you think "Barbie" is simply a mindless plastic doll, the stars who made the movie would ask you to think again.

We talked with the cast, including Margot "Barbie" Robbie and Ryan "Ken" Gosling, before SAG-AFTRA strike.

"I think what was going to be important for this movie, specifically, is that we could honor the legacy of the Barbie brand, but also have a culturally relevant conversation with where we're at today. And everything in between. And I think Greta, as a filmmaker, has a way of honoring the past but also bringing it into a modern day setting," Robbie said. "You hold both of those things at the same time. And I think there's a lot of that in this movie where you're holding two things in the same conversation like we can have this silly, absurd comedy at the same time that you can be making a statement about life. And someone like Greta does that deftly and she makes it not just easy, but delightful."

"I didn't want to mess this up," said Gosling. He called what Robbie and Gerwig created "so fun and perfect and amazing," adding, "I think all of us just felt like a lot of pressure to not be the one to mess it up."

"Barbie" is rated PG-13. It's officially in theaters on July 21.