Brooklyn's BEEPUBLIC is saving the bees one coffee at a time

BROOKLYN, New York -- At BEEPUBLIC, every sip of freshly brewed coffee is helping to save the bees.

The Brooklyn-based coffee and retail shop is committed to improving the relationship between food and drinks and the impact they have on bee populations and the environment.

"For me, bees are incredibly fascinating. Most of the time they're feared, but they're incredibly vital. They do something that we all know as pollination which accounts for about 30%, or a third of all, the entire world's food supply. That in itself shows just how incredibly important that is to our entire ecosystem," said Jonathan Ledee, Co-founder of BEEPUBLIC.

Using organic ingredients and compostable packaging, BEEPUBLIC is bringing a socially responsible coffee shop all while supporting local makers and small businesses.

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Since opening back in September, amid the pandemic, BEEPUBLIC estimates it has served over 17,000 cups of coffee and diverted over 2000 lbs. of waste from entering landfills.

"What we've seen over the years is something called colony collapse disorder. It's this phenomenon of bee populations depleting around the world unexpectedly and very fast. So for me, that's the driving force because the world as we know it could significantly change without them," said Ledee.

In addition to BEEPUBLIC, Ledee has also started a socially responsible cosmetics and consumer goods company, BEECAUSE, and a composting program called Wasteless.

"Hopefully, if a concept like ours can grow and thrive, we can educate people to make decisions that contribute to the betterment of the entire world," said Ledee.


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