Ice skating dog rescued from kill shelter shows off skills, helps kids with autism

NEW YORK -- Benny the ice skating dog made his debut at Wollman Rink on Wednesday afternoon.

The 8-year-old rescue Labrador retriever, who wears custom-made skates, was in Central Park to help raise funds for the Animal Vision Foundation.

His handler said his skating is motivated by the smiles he brings to onlookers.

"Benny was saved on his last day at a kill shelter in Utah so we share what rescue dogs can be and how important that is," Benny's handler Rick Vierkandt said.

Benny has performed at skating events all over the nation to raise funds for charity and help kids with autism.

"He'll just run on the ice whenever he wants and skate around after me and chase me and so he really does like it," Benny's owner Cheryl Delsangro said.

He is also the recipient of the American Kennel Club Exemplary Companion Award for the goodwill he inspires in everyone he meets.

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