Big Bear Lake officials urge visitors to use trash drop-off sites in effort to curb illegal dumping

Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Big Bear Lake touts trash drop-off sites in effort to curb dumping
Big Bear Lake city officials are urging tourists to use designated trash drop-off sites in an effort to curb illegal dumping.

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. (KABC) -- As tourists continue to fill the city of Big Bear Lake, so do piles of trash. Now officials are encouraging visitors to use trash drop-off sites at no cost in an effort to curb illegal dumping.

"People will just dump trash anywhere," said Rich Johnson of Huntington Beach.

Vacation renters are required to take out their own trash or leave it to the property owner.

"It's just convenient for me, because I'm only up here for the weekend," said Johnson. "You usually don't have any place to put your trash -- either that or somebody at wherever you rent from, they've got to do the trash. So, to me, it's no problem."

Johnson takes his trash to one of the two dump designated sites the city is using to try to curb the trash trouble, which is creating an issue for tourists and residents.

"They're drive-thru, so it's very easy for the driver or the occupants come in drop off and leave," said Big Bear Lake City Manager Erik Sund. "It gives them -- based on locations -- accessible areas close to the village where they can still be at the fun part of Big Bear Lake but also have access to throw out their trash."

The parent company of Big Bear Mountain Resort has acquired Snow Valley Mountain Resort.

Illegal dumping from vacation rentals is seen throughout the city. ABC7's cameras found trash along the roadsides, in bags left outside, and overfilled trash cans that many residents find upsetting.

"We ask that people come up here be respectful and be recognize we have visitors up here that also live up here for the beautiful resort community and that we want a trash-free environment"

With snow in the forecast and a holiday weekend coming up, the city of Big Bear Lake is asking visitors and residents to be trash-wise.

"It's all about the experience of being in the beautiful community of Big Bear Lake and just treat it like your home," Sund said. "Relax -- it's Big Bear."