As 'Black-ish' starts final season, young stars Marsai Martin, Miles Brown reflect on hit comedy

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Young stars reflect as 'Black-ish' enters final season
Marsai Martin and Miles Brown, who play twin siblings on ABC's "Black-ish," are looking back on eight seasons and growing up in front of the camera.

LOS ANGELES -- Looking ahead to the final season of ABC's "Black-ish," the younger members of the Johnson TV family have grown up before our eyes.

We first caught up with the twins, Marsai Martin and Miles Brown, in 2015 at the NAACP Image Awards.

"Being on a hit TV show, it's an amazing experience. It's awesome. It's my first TV show and I love it. It's a big dream for me," said Martin.

"Yeah, it's actually both ours and since it's a big hit, it's pretty cool," said Brown.

A few years into the show's run, the two young actors reflected on their "Black-ish" path.

"I just feel like it's crazy seeing actual changes within me, and Jack, the character," said Brown. "I mean, for me and Marsai to see us literally growing up, it's kind of crazy. Especially like, my height."

"You're finally taller whatever!" laughed Martin. "I don' know how I got so lucky. Being a part of a show, so impactful yet, on camera and behind the scenes, so sweet and inspiring and amazing."

"We started at nine, and now she's 17, I'm about to be 17," said Brown. "The evolution is crazy growing up on the set for everybody."

So what's ahead for this final season?

"I guess it's bittersweet, how the twins are progressing, going their different lanes," said Martin. "We're just gonna have to wait and see! It's gonna be some big changes."

Starting Tuesday, Jan. 4, we'll see the beginning of the end, the final season of "Blackish" on ABC.