Protests continue in Los Angeles over George Floyd death

Protests in Los Angeles resume on Thursday as anger continued to mount nationwide over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
LOS ANGELES -- Protests in Los Angeles continued for a second day on Thursday as anger continued to mount nationwide over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Dozens of people marched in separate events in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. The local events were mostly peaceful, although protesters were clearly demonstrating anger against police.

That was in contrast to violent unrest in Minnesota, where crowds set fire to a police station and looted local stores.

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A protest in Fontana experienced some minor violence as a car drove through a crowd and several protesters were seen throwing rocks and bottles at businesses and cars. Windows at Fontana City Hall were also broken. When protesters refused orders to disperse, nine people were arrested.

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Rocks and bottles were thrown at a Black Lives Matter protest in Fontana.

In Los Angeles, at Hill and Third streets downtown, a crowd of dozens was milling in the street. One man in the crowd was seen being detained by officers.

Earlier in the day, a large crowd gathered outside Los Angeles Police Department headquarters carrying signs expressing anger about police brutality.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore says he supports peaceful demonstrations and offered his own concerns about the disturbing video showing George Floyd's encounter with police in Minneapolis shortly before his death.

"I understand, hear and feel the frustrations of Angelenos as well as other Americans," Moore said. "I join you in your concerns about reports of excessive force."

The Los Angeles Police Protective League also offered its criticisms of the incident.

"What we saw on that video was inconsistent and contrary to everything we have been taught, not just as an academy recruit or a police officer, but as human beings," the union said.

In Santa Monica, dozens of demonstrators marched through the streets, making their way to Venice where they held a peaceful rally outside the police substation at the beach.

"We're all here for the same thing. We're tired of police killing our people," said one protester.