'Black Lives Matter' painted in front of Trump Tower in New York

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Thursday, July 9, 2020
'Black Lives Matter' painted in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan
Mike Marza reports on a "Black Lives Matter" mural painted on Fifth Avenue Thursday in front of Trump Tower

NEW YORK -- Community members gripped the handle of rollers and stroke by stroke, yellow paint filled in the letters spelling Black Lives Matter. The new mural was painted In the middle of 5th Avenue between 56th and 57th Street in the shadow of Trump Tower.

"What it says is America is towering over hate," said Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President.

"I think it's a great symbol. I hope it goes beyond that. I hope you, the media, are covering Black Lives Matter," said Amber Fairweather, a participant.

At Foley Square Thursday morning, city council members gathered at a different Black Lives Matter mural to unveil the co-naming of the street to Black Lives Matter Boulevard.

President Trump criticized the one in front of his hotel, tweeting it's a symbol of hate, and it would denigrate 5th Avenue.

"To tweak him, and anger him, and insult him, which is exactly what he does, it has to be done," said Paul Rossen, a participant.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says the murals are to honor members of the black community who helped build New York.

Members of the movement taking part in the painting hoping the message lasts long after the paint dries.

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"Black lives do matter, and I hope it's not just something written on street and driven over," Fairweather said.

As more murals pop up across New York City, a Black Lives Matter mural was unveiled in Harlem on Wednesday morning.

The big, bold letters were drawn on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard between 125th and 127th streets. It was painted by local artists and community group members.

The mayor has pledged to paint multiple Black Lives Matter murals across the city.

There are currently two other murals in Brooklyn and one on Staten Island.