Local African boutique helps get people 'Wakanda Ready' for Black Panther premiere

Kutula by Africana has acted as consultants and stylists on both Black Panther films.

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Saturday, November 12, 2022
African boutique gets people in the spirit for Black Panther movie
Kutula by Africana has acted as consultants and stylists on both Black Panther films.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- People are getting 'Wakanda Ready' for the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie. Kutula by Africana is a shop that's been on Slauson for over 20 years. Kutula means leaping forward in Lozi and that's what they're doing with fashion, leaping forward. The shop's owners have served as stylists and consultants on the Black Panther movie and now, they're getting people ready for the new one.

"Whether you're wearing a dashiki or a skirt, or even just a hat or a head wrap," said Nyambo 'Bo' Anuluoha, one of Kutula's co-owners. "Any piece that you put, on as long as it's authentic, you're celebrating the Wakanda flair."

Fashion is such a huge part of the films. Bo Anuluoha said one of the great things about the Black Panther franchise is not only is it a great story, but it also provides beautiful imagery of African excellence, royalty and family.

"It's reflective of I think Black families all over the world," said Bo Anuluoha. "And it's relatable because we never have had that type of imagery on film."

She adds that while it's exciting and fun getting your outfit ready for the premiere, it's also about unity. It's about bringing people together.

"It had an impact on the culture that it was able to bring everybody, all cultures together," said Francesca Anuluoha, another co-owner of Kutula. "It wasn't just a movie for black people."

Folks at Kutula were involved in styling and consulting in both Black Panther movies and for people on the red carpet. They said they love how it's shining a light on the culture.

"The movie made it attainable, it made it reachable to all people from all walks of life," said Bo Anuluoha. "And we say here the African prints are for everyone, you don't have to necessarily shy away from it as long as you're celebrating African pride."

Kutula by Africana is located at 4438 W. Slauson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90043.

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