David Harbour talks about role as Red Guardian in Disney's 'Black Widow' movie

CHICAGO -- So, maybe you thought you'd seen the last of Black Widow when she died courageously as an Avenger, but now she's got her own movie coming out this week in theaters and streaming on Disney Plus!

ABC7's Hosea Sanders talked to David Harbour about playing the Alexei, the Red Guardian Natasha called her dad!

Harbour's character Alexei turned the girls he was raising into lethal fighters, but what else would you expect from a Russian super-soldier?

Sanders: "Alexei is often used as comic relief, but also, he's a very powerful entity -- a powerful presence. How do you strike that balance?"

Harbour: "This power, and this grief and this remorse, but also this action and this older hero -- he's fighting for something. But then when I would get around Rachel, and Scarlett and Florence, and we'd sit around a dinner table, we would just be so silly."

Sanders: "You are surrounded by these really powerful women, who are, some would say, are more cunning than Alexei. How were you able to hold your own but still show that love?"

Harbour: "They're all just extremely accomplished and incredible actresses and it was an honor to play with them, but also they're just generous human beings and wonderful to work with, so they made it extremely easy."

Sanders: "What's it like to be a part of this Marvel Universe and also to bring people back to the theaters with this big epic adventure?"

Harbour: "I'm ready to get back, as much as I love zoom, I'm ready to do some face to face, get back in a crowded theater with some popcorn and laughing together. There's something about that group experience, I don't think there's anything in the world like it."

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