Travis Barker drums up business by surprising 9-year-old blind drummer at Limitless Lemonade stand

The Blink-182 drummer made a surprise visit to support Grayson Roberts' lemonade fundraiser.

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Monday, August 28, 2023
Travis Barker drums up business at Limitless Lemonade
Travis Barker surprises 9-year-old blind drummer as he raises money to travel the world.

LOS ANGELES -- With four drumsticks and a donation in hand, Travis Barker showed up to Grayson's Limitless Lemonade ready for a cold glass of lemonade and a jam sesh.

Born with Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome, Grayson Roberts has had 32 surgeries and 5 cornea transplants throughout his life, in hopes of preserving the vision he has left.

"He wasn't able to do any of the traditional summer things. So, I mean, beach, park, we had to stay at home a majority of the summer for his medication process," his mom, Terica explained.

But Grayson wasn't going to let his medical condition stop him from achieving his dreams.

"During that time, he thought with it being so hot, why not sit outside and have a lemonade stand and try to raise some money for his desire to travel," Terica said.

With the help of Charlie Rocket, the founder of Dream Machine Foundation, the two worked together to create Limitless Lemonade and "rally the community" to support Grayson's dreams.

When Travis showed up, Grayson wasn't hesitant to offer him a glass of lemonade and to ask to play a song together. Travis was more than happy to, and the two took the stage by storm.

"He's blind, but he doesn't let it stop him from his dreams. He's not making any excuses. He's a little entrepreneur. He's a musician," Rocket explained.

The first place he wants to visit? "The Great Wall of China!"

"Anything you think someone can't do, like a blind person, they actually can do! So the options are limitless!" Grayson exclaimed.

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