'Blue Bayou' tells heartbreaking story of immigrant adoptee in US facing deportation as an adult

HOLLYWOOD -- Writer, director and star Justin Chon was inspired to create his new movie, "Blue Bayou," after reading several true stories about immigrant adoptees being deported to their birth countries as adults... to places where they have no real memories or connections.

The film centers around a New Orleans-based husband and father who faces an unimaginable situation: being deported. And it's all because of a government loophole.

Oscar winner Alicia Vikander plays his pregnant wife, who is trying to make sense of it all.

"I had no clue so many adopted children, not only in America but around the world, ended up in this situation where there's a legal loophole that deports them away from homes and families" said Vikander.

"A lot of adoptees that were brought to this country didn't have a say in coming so really this movie is for adoptees," said Chon. "And I hope that I did them justice and that they find a part of it that feels that I got right, and make sure it was a human story that brought empathy to them."

Vikander says she feels like she grew up knowing people like her character, Kathy.

"Real, you know, hardworking people who dedicate their lives to create a good family," said Vikander. "Those are the people I admire. I enjoy getting to tell the stories of these people, for the light to be shined upon them."

The film also shines a light on child actor Sydney Kowalske, who was just 6 years old when Chon hired for her first film.

"Sydney, she's just a gem," said Chon. "I just spent a lot of time with her and we became fast friends. She's the real deal."

"Blue Bayou" is in theaters on Friday, Sept. 17. It's rated R.

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