'The Bob's Burgers Movie' serves up humor, heart as TV favorite moves to big screen

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Sunday, May 29, 2022
Fan favorite 'Bob's Burgers' grills up big screen fun
The ensemble of actors who work on 'Bob's Burgers"' have been together for 12 television seasons. They found jumping to the big screen for their first movie really wasn't much different.. they just had more time !

HOLLYWOOD -- The talented members of the voice cast in the animated TV series "Bob's Burgers" bring their show's humor and point of view to the big screen.

"I think the movie is a great introduction for people who haven't seen the show," said actor Eugene Mirman. "Plus Easter eggs for people who have."

The ensemble of actors who work on "Bob's Burgers" have been together for 12 television seasons. They found jumping to the big screen really wasn't much different -- they just had more time.

"The movie I think was able to spend a longer schedule, right?" said actor Kristen Schaal.

"They got to spend a lot of time on time on it, they got to really tweak it and make it the thing they wanted," said Mirman.

"Animation's built for movie screens and it's bigger and it's really beautiful. I know that they took a lot of pride in making something that really beautiful to look at, as well as entertaining and fun for the fans. And maybe we'll draw in some new people at the same time," said actor John Roberts.

The story finds the Belcher family dealing with new problems: a sinkhole, a loan repayment, a murder mystery. But like the TV show, they find heart, humor, and a little music to get through it all.

"It is a very dark time right now. This is a great movie to escape that and enjoy yourselves. I'd say for people that have never seen the show before, it's all-inclusive for everybody. It's a nice fan base. We have really beautiful fans and it's a good community," said Roberts.

"The Bob's Burgers Movie" is in theaters now. You can catch 200-plus episodes of the TV series streaming on Hulu.

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