Gel could offer Botox benefit without needles

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- A Northern California company is testing an alternative Botox delivery method that could help smooth out wrinkles without the use of a needle.

Revance Therapeutics believes its topical treatment gel, now in phase 3 trials, would have skin-smoothing benefits that last longer than traditional Botox injections.

Current injections of botulinum toxin now typically relax the muscles of the face and smooth out wrinkles for about three months. The Newark, Calif.-based pharmaceutical company says it developed a molecule to carry the toxin that would hold it in place and retain its benefits for up to twice as long.

Dermatologist Richard Glogau said the gel, if approved for wider use, would still be administered by a doctor, but it could offer major advantages.

"The topical obviously has a lot of benefit for patients because there's no needles involved, no pain, no bruising," Glogau said.
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