Brigham Young University - Idaho bans 'man buns' staff KABC logo
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Two men pose with their hair styled in a "man bun."
Two men pose with their hair styled in a "man bun."

REXBURG, Idaho (KABC) -- A trendy top-knot may be all the rage right now when it comes to men's hair, but the "man bun" is receiving even more backlash.

Experts first said that the persistent tugging of roots over several hours can lead to traction alopecia or premature hair loss.

"That longstanding pull or traction on the hair can pull the hair out and ultimately lead to permanent scarring, which is something we call traction alopecia," said Dr. Doris Day, a New York City-based dermatologist.

Now, Brigham Young University - Idaho is banning students from wearing their hair up in "man buns", calling the do an extreme hairstyle.

Not to split hairs, the school says the trendy top-knot is against the student honor code, which requires students to keep their hair "clean and neat."