Go behind the scenes at Disney's Aladdin on Broadway

ByDana Langer, Amit Lerner and Toby Hershkowitz Localish logo
Monday, August 8, 2022
Peak behind the curtain at Disney's Aladdin on Broadway
The Genie is taking YOU on a magic carpet ride behind the scenes at Disney's Aladdin on Broadway!Michael James Scott, who plays the Genie in Disney's Aladdin on Broadway, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look as he gets ready before showtime.

New York -- Come along for the ride as Michael James Scott prepares for his role as the Genie in Disney's Aladdin on Broadway. Behind the scenes, Scott checks in with his cast-mates, gets his makeup and costume perfected, and gives viewers a glimpse into all the hard work it takes to prepare for showtime!

"Aladdin has been a part of my life for now like 8 years," Scott says as he's sitting in his dressing room, putting on his first coat of makeup. "I grew up in Orlando, Florida which is kind of full circle to be working for the Walt Disney World Company as a whole and specifically Disney on Broadway."

As his microphone is hidden into his goatee and the final touches are put on his makeup and elaborate costume, Scott reflects on all people it takes to bring his character to life. "You see me on the stage, but what you don't see is the magic really happening backstage. I would literally not be the Genie without this amazing village of people who really make it happen."

Scott and a few fellow cast-mates come together for a short prayer circle before showtime, wishing each other good luck and expressing gratitude for being a part of a musical with so many positive themes. "The fact that this show represents joy and what is the embodiment of light and love and laughter, to me is beyond important," explains Scott.

Disney's Aladdin on Broadway, which runs 8 times a week, is located in the historic New Amsterdam theatre. To get your tickets, visit aladdinthemusical.com.

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