Have your waffle and eat your ice cream too at The Wicked Waffle

FRESNO, Calif. -- Have you ever had a bubble waffle?

They're waffles rolled up into a cone and stuffed with ice cream, candy, and fillings.

These twin sisters in Hanford, California, serve them customized with any filling or topping your heart desires.

You start by choosing between an original waffle or a churro cone, then pick from a variety of toppings, from Oreos, nuts, s'mores, pretzels, and chocolate bars to lollipops, fruits, cookies, and cotton candy.

Victoria and Andrea Cuevas started The Wicked Waffle two years ago when they were just 18 years old.

Yes, they were young, and they were sometimes underestimated, but they proved themselves with their skill and hard work.

"As long as you have the hustle and the effort you put, you can do anything," Andrea says.

The pandemic hit them hard, just like many other small businesses.

"We were lined up for huge festivals and we were really expecting to get our store in 2020, but we all had to get through it and you just start from the bottom again and that's what we're doing," says Victoria.

Still, the two are passionate about serving up their cones of sugary joy to their community.

"We want to bring people together and just have a spot where they could hang out and grab a good snack," says Andrea.