Social media has a sense of humor about the ridiculous amount of snow in Buffalo

With half the country covered in snow, perhaps no city understands the extent of this storm as much as Buffalo, where one year's worth of snow has fallen in just three days.

That doesn't dampen their sense of humor, though.

Snowfall totals in parts of Buffalo have reached 70 inches and counting, according to ABC affiliate WKBW.

Click here to see photos and videos that storm's intensity.

With no way to get to work, school or anywhere else for that matter, residents of snowed-in cities like Buffalo entertained themselves on social media. Many of them, it turns out, have a sense of humor about the situation.

NFL player Marquise Goodwin wanted to prove that the cold never bothered him anyway (or, hey, maybe he lost a bet):

His team, the Buffalo Bills, have considered changing their name to suit Mother Nature's preferences:

After acknowledging the severity of the situation...

Social media users tried different methods to cope with the Snowpocolypse.

Some people gave helpful but amusing advice:

Many resorted to sarcasm:

Some lamented being stuck inside at a time when their preferred TV programs were not scheduled:

But some people made the most of the situation by making new friends...with the only people they can get to.

They found other ways to look on the bright side, too, in their own unique ways.

And some were just downright perky about the extreme weather:

And of course the Ice Bucket Challenge was brought up. This is social media, after all.

When the storm was given its official name, Winter Storm Knife, the jokes intensified:

On top of their sense of humor, citizens of Buffalo are taking to social media to prove their positive attitude in another way: living up to the city's nickname, "City of Good Neighbors."

How do you keep a positive attitude during snow storms? Let us know in the comments below!
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