Cadillac going big with its new CT6 sedan

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Sunday, June 19, 2016
Cadillac going big with new sedan
Cadillac is remaking itself with the launch of a large sedan, the CT6, which will start at about $55,000.

For years, Cadillac was the car you bought when you wanted something big and prestigious - the "standard of the world," as it billed itself.

But in recent years, other luxury brands, particularly those from Europe, have garnered "must-have" status for many buyers instead.

Now, Cadillac is in the middle of trying for a big comeback, literally, with their new big car, the 2016 CT6.

For its starting price of about $55,000, the CT6 offers plenty of luxury, plenty of space inside, and plenty of technology. A variety of available engines are offered, and there's an important element for cars in this class: rear-wheel drive.

This car is part of Cadillac's plan to remake itself. The new boss spent time at Audi, and then Infiniti, and the brand's headquarters moved from Detroit to Manhattan, for a true world-class vibe.

The mission of the CT6 is to try to woo buyers away from German luxury models. Specifically the BMW 7 Series, which is an all-new design this year that brims with technology. It holds down the athletic side of the luxury sedan segment with sporty driving dynamics for a pretty large car.

Or some luxury shoppers might consider the CT6 as an alternative to the Mercedes-Benz S-class, long on the wish list of those who have plentiful assets, and those who aspire to. The big Benz's newest trick is that it's available as a plug-in hybrid, to give it an eco side.

On paper, the new Cadillac has the goods to compete, and carries a rather lofty sticker price if you opt for the range-topping Platinum model. Well over $80,000 for that ultimate version of Caddy's ultimate large sedan.

And there's been talk of Cadillac going even more upscale, and the name of this newest car gives a bit of a clue. CT6 is obviously not the highest number they could have used.

But for now, a proposed CT8 model with a $100,000+ price tag has been shelved. Cadillac might have figured that Mercedes, BMW, and others already own that narrowly-focused market of six-figure super sedans.

The CT6 is also likely to soon be doing battle with the upcoming large Continental model from long-time rival Lincoln. It's due out later this year, and will compete with the big Cadillac in both size and price.