Monrovia woman shows kindness to delivery workers, provides cold refreshments during heat wave

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Friday, September 9, 2022
Monrovia woman offers cold drinks to delivery workers amid heat wave
Elaine Neri leaves an ice box filled with cool drinks on her front porch - just a simple way to say thank you to the delivery workers out braving the sweltering heat.

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- Elaine Neri is making days a little brighter for her local postal carriers and other delivery workers.

With temperatures in the triple digits, the Monrovia resident's simple act of kindness means so much - she leaves a cooler filled with cold drinks out on her porch.

"I'm happy that I'm able to make their day," said Neri, who is hard of hearing, through a sign language interpreter.

Neri said it's just a simple way to say thank you for what they do. Every morning, she makes sure the drinks are nice and cold.

Carriers and those who deliver her packages are often surprised when they see the cooler and the message she posted, which reads: "Please take water or soda to cool off. Have a blessed day."

USPS emailed this statement with Eyewitness News:

"Our carriers deliver the mail throughout the year during varying temperatures in climatic conditions this is especially true during the summer months when the temperatures rise throughout the country."

In the email, they added they are grateful and her kindness is greatly appreciated.

Neri posted all of this on a Monrovia Facebook group and people have come forward with kind remarks. One person said, "this is the sweetest thing you can do."

Neri wanted to share what she does because she hopes others decide to pay it forward and spread the love.

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