'It's alarming': Report shows 2021 is California's driest year since 1924

LAFAYETTE, Calif. -- In a report from the California Department of Water Resources, 2021 is the second driest year in state history. The driest year happened all the way back in 1924. The report detailed rising temperatures and lack of rainfall as key factors.

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"It's alarming," said Jay Lund, a professor at UC Davis who specializes in water structure engineering. "We have just seen the very beginning of the wet season, and it is happening several weeks later than average and several weeks later than we would like it to start."

Lund says state reservoirs have stored enough water to last the current drought. However, if more rain doesn't arrive throughout the winter, he says it will get worse.

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"If next year is as dry as this, those stocks will be depleted and there will be much greater use of water conservation," he said.

It is concerning for many Californians.

Mary Carillo lives in the East Bay and says her family members have lost homes due to wildfires. She says she would like a winter full of rain.

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"It has been hard for some of my family," she said. "I am a native Californian and it's just sad you know because it's beautiful here and I would like it to remain so."

This week will see some more rain arrive, but Lund says it is not enough to improve our current drought conditions.

"We will need much more than this," he said. "This week's rain is going to be very small compared to our accumulated deficit. I don't think this week's rain will end the drought, but it is certainly very welcomed."

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