Antelope Valley: Judge orders sexual predator relocated to Littlerock community, prompting outrage

LITTLEROCK, Calif. (KABC) -- A judge's order to house convicted sexual predator Calvin Grassmier in the Antelope Valley community of Littlerock has prompted outrage from residents.

In an interview, Misty Virivito referred to a time years ago when she was violently raped in her own home -- a pain she feels she's forced to revisit now that the courts have decided, despite protests from residents like Misty, to move Grassmier into a home not far from where she lives in the high desert.

Virivito said when she was attacked a man tased her and tied her up while her kids were asleep in another room, and he raped her for six hours.

"This is pretty much what this guy has done to his victims," she said, referring to Grassmier. "And now we have to share the same grocery store with him?"

Grassmier was convicted of rape and sexual assault of a minor.

'Dumping' sexual predator in Antelope Valley is unfair to region's Black community, officials say
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Convicted sexual predator Calvin Grassmier may soon move to the Antelope Valley. Local officials say this is unfair to the area's Black community.

Upon his release from lockup, a judge was considering moving him to La Crescenta, but residents teamed with political leaders opposed to that decision, and a judge made an about face. Now, Grassmier is headed for the small-bedroom high desert community of Sun Village. Misty says people are already terrified -- and Grassmier isn't even out here yet.

Virivito adds she has elderly people who are calling her because they are scared to go out to check the mailbox knowing Grassmier was be living near them.

Resident Sean McKay says he's deeply saddened and angry, adding that moving Grassmier into his community brings up emotions and memories he's spent a lifetime trying to cope with. McKay said he's a a childhood victim of molestation and rape.

Residents in the community were fuming when the courts temporarily placed violent sexual predator Christopher Hubbart, better known as the "Pillowcase Rapist," in their small community several years ago. Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger said she was outraged that yet another violent sexual predator is getting placed in the community despite residents' concerns.
Barger said residents have been historically disenfranchised, and this placement is just one more example of safety concerns that they've raised not being taken into consideration.

She said she and the community are tired of the Antelope Valley being used as a "dumping ground."

Palmdale Mayor Steven Hofbuar feels the voices of concern from many people throughout the Antelope Valley community were silenced in this case.
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