Indiana dad finds mold inside Capri Sun pouch he was going to give to his 3-year-old

COLUMBUS, Ind. (KABC) -- A father is spreading the word after he said he found mold in a Capri Sun juice pouch that he was going to give to his 3-year-old.

Cameron Hardwick of Indiana said the juice seemed off, so he filmed himself cutting open the pouch and pouring the contents in a glass cup.

The video, which he posted to Facebook, shows a substance floating on top of the juice.

Hardwick also contacted the manufacturer, Kraft, which he said identified the substance as mold caused by a "micro puncture."

This product has faced similar issues in the past.

On the Capri Sun website, the company details why mold can end up in a juice pouch. It says that's why they created clear bottom pouches so consumers can check the product before drinking it.

"I just wanted to make other parents, grandparents aware of the issue so that they can make their own decision whether to purchase the product. It's not an effort by any means for me to get something from Capri Sun or Kraft or get attention out of it," Hardwick said.

Kraft said it invested millions in packaging and quality to make pouches even stronger and more resistant to air leaks.
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