Car clubs call out city of Montebello over 'No parking' signs ahead of Cinco de Mayo celebrations

The city said the rules are temporary and are "not intended to disrupt" any activities, including those organized by car clubs.

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Saturday, May 4, 2024
Car clubs call out city of Montebello over 'No parking' signs
Some car clubs feel they're being targeted with "unnecessary restrictions" ahead of Cinco de Mayo celebrations that typically bring out lots of car enthusiasts.

MONTEBELLO, Calif. (KABC) -- Local car clubs are sharing their concerns after the city of Montebello posted "No parking" signs and painted curbs red ahead of Cinco de Mayo on Sunday.

Several people who spoke with Eyewitness News feel they are being targeted with "unnecessary restrictions" and claim authorities are limiting access to locations that are typically used as meet-up spots for car enthusiasts.

The "No parking" signs line the curbs around Elysian Park and curbs surrounding Montebello City Park along Whittier Boulevard are painted red.

In January, a new California law went into effect that prohibits cities and counties from adopting legislation that bans cruising on city streets, giving car lovers the OK to stroll in their customized rides.

The city of Montebello responded to the car clubs' concerns and noted the rules are temporary.

"The decision to paint the curbs red during this time is primarily aimed at ensuring the safety and smooth flow of traffic in the vicinity of Montebello City Park during what is typically a busy weekend," read a statement. "It is not intended to disrupt or deter any community activities or events, including those organized by the car clubs."

The statement continued, saying, "We recognize the importance of cruising and gatherings in downtown Montebello, and we want to emphasize that these activities are not impacted by the temporary parking restrictions around Montebello City Park. We encourage everyone to continue enjoying the vibrant cultural atmosphere of our city while also adhering to any necessary traffic regulations for the safety and well-being of all.

We value the input and concerns of the community, including the car clubs, and we remain committed to working collaboratively to address any issues and ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation."