VIDEO: Car crashes into Arizona bus stop, narrowly misses woman on motorized wheelchair

ARIZONA (KABC) -- A woman on a motorized wheelchair narrowly escaped injuries after a car smashed through a bus stop shelter.

Surveillance video from a gas station in Phoenix, Arizona Friday shows the moment the car barreled across oncoming traffic lanes and onto a sidewalk.

The car then crashed through the bus stop, just inches away from Laura Smith on her wheelchair.

"Suddenly I hear someone slamming on their brakes swerving over this way towards me," Smith said. "Headed straight for me, I thought it was going to take me out. Whew, it didn't"

One person appeared to be hit by the car as it headed toward the gas pumps.

The driver told officers her brakes went out, causing her to crash.

Police described the injuries in the crash as minor and said no one was taken to the hospital.

It was not clear whether any charges would be filed against the driver.
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